the photographer.

I’m Dane Tozer, a self-taught landscape photographer from the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Having briefly studied Studio Photography during my Design Degree at University, I enjoyed being behind the camera, however, my passion was short lived. In 2012, my good friend purchased his first SLR which motivated me to blow the dust off my camera and join him, as we began to capture Sydney’s stunning City Skyline and go on adventures to find new places to photograph, my passion was quick to return. After a few months of weekly trips out to various locations and further experimenting, I gained quite a thirst of knowledge and an idea for what it was I wanted to photograph. It was from this point I began to explore the captivating beaches along Sydney’s Coast, and for each new location I travelled to, I came home with a library of new images and a greater thirst to get back out there.

My photography inspires me to explore new places that I would not normally go and through this I am able to experience and capture them at their best. When people dream of going on holidays it usually involves travelling overseas. Since taking up photography it has opened my eyes to how much there is around us, in this great place that we live. It’s right under our noses. I love that a regular person will go to the beach during the day and enjoy the sand and the surf, however when I go to the beach it is usually to enjoy the sunrise and climbing over rocks trying to find the perfect spot. This puts a whole different perspective of the true beauty of a location. My favourite thing about photography is that when I’m out there behind the lens, it’s peaceful, calm and reminds me of what is important in life. It’s at these moments when I’m alone with my camera, that I have no stress and I feel free. My creative perspective, adventures to the unknown, along with a     variety of experimenting has lead to an array of beautiful landscape images capturing what its like to live in Sydney NSW, an amazing part of the world.